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Monthly Archives: October 2010

RSS Readers – Version 1.100

1. Change date time display format to follow system setting
2. Add new context menu Mark Similar Read, in favoriate feed article view, you can now mark articles belong to same feed read by pick this menu option
3. No longer remember password of Google account, from now on, user has to enter password every time try to import from Google Reader. This user experience will be improved until we fully integrate with Google Reader (sync read/unread) in near future.
4. Increase Skip image size limit to 4MB, no longer skip any image if server doesn’t response with size information. Default limit changed from 100KB to 600KB
5. Updated Russian Translation for latest features – Thank to Archil Mag
6. Updated Hungarian Translation for latest features – Thank to István Berényi
7. Updated Finnish Translation for latest features – Thank to Jari-Pekka Seppänen
8. Updated Chinese Translation for latest features – Thank to 李可人
9. Fix bug: Sorting is not performed in Organize view
10. Fix bug: Sometimes during update, application could mistakenly mark article(s) unread for already read article(s)

How: Automatic prefetch new article(s)

In My Feed view, long press Feed Item, scroll to bottom, select Properties. At the bottom of Properties screen, you will find check box “Automatic prefetch new article(s)”. When it is checked, during each automatic/manual update, any new article belong to feed will automatic download and cache Mobilize article and image.

RSS Readers – Version 1.98/1.99

1. Add new feature to prefetch, cache Mobilize content (text and image) for offline reading. When cache available, link “(Cache)” will appear next to quick action link “Mobilize”. Also Prefetch Icon (grey, red, green) is added next to Star icon. Grey = No Prefetch | Red = Prefetch Marked, but not yet Prefetched | Green = Prefetched
2. Add message at start of application to request for translator when OS language is not supported
3. Add new feature to allow user to configure Smart resize image to fit screen size
4. Add new feature to allow user to configure download and display prefetch image
5. Add new feature to allow user to configure skip image file size larger than certain limit (default 100KB)
6. Add new feature to allow user to configure skip image dimension smaller than certain limit (default 40px)
7. Add new feature to allow user to configure enable GZIP compression to improve Feed Update performance and reduce bandwidth usage
8. Add new feature to allow user to selective configure WIFI only for Image
9. Fix bug: Some feed provider requires HTTP Header to have “User-Agent”

RSS Readers – Version 1.97

1. Add new Danish mutilingual support
2. Fix bug: Sorting on Group view is not working properly

RSS Readers – Version 1.96

1. Favorite Display Configurable (Settings -> Display & Presentation -> Display Favorite) You can now choose to show Favorite as part of Feed List or Option Menu or Both or Neither
2. Add new Lithuanian multilingual support
3. Add new Finnish multilingual support
4. Add “Show Read”/”Hide Read” in My Feed option menu, also change “Show Read”/”Hide Read” article view to remember user’s choice. In Category mode, when Hide Read, it
will hide feed also group with all read feed.
5. Remove Settings->Display & Presentation->”Auto hide read articles” and “Auto hide group with no feed” since it is become duplicate with #4
6. Add “Expand All” and “Collapse All” in My Feed option menu
7. Fix bug: Favorite Group get lost after restore older version of backup
8. Fix bug: Language get reset to English after exit from Setting without user change to Language
9. Fix bug: Manual non-wifi update is not working when “Wi-Fi only” is enabled
10. Few other minor improvements

About Feature Suggestion, Bug Reporting and Feedback

Please email us at for feature suggestion, bug reporting. We value and pay great attention to any constructive feedback at Android Market.

How Can I Translate A Language For Rss Readers

Our goal is to have our products’ user interfaces translated to your native language. And we believe the best way doing it is to give user instruction/tools and let user perform this task. If you can help us with the translation, please let us know the language by sending us e-mail first. If your language is available and nobody is currently working on translation to the language, we’ll send you our Localization instructions. If your translation have been approved. We’ll grant you a free license for that product.
  1. Want to be a language translator and make long term commitment, we do hope language translators will continue to support their language for new features and changes
  2. Have enough professionalism, maturity, and talent to translate application into your local language.
Following are the steps to support a language:
  1. Please let us know the language by sending us e-mail, then we will send you a latest version of strings.xml file (This is an example of strings.xml file)
  2. Open it with a text editor (support UTF-8)
  3. Translate all strings between <string> and </string> to your local language.
  4. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE FILE AS UTF-8 encode file format.
  5. Then you send the file to
Following is a master list of possible language you could translate
Primary Languages: Sub Language:
  1. Afrikaans
  2. Albanian
  3. Arabic
  4. Azeri
  5. Basque – Iñigo Gonzalez
  6. Belarusian
  7. Bulgarian
  8. Catalan
  9. Chinese
  10. Croatian
  11. Czech
  12. Danish – Casper Sørensen (
  13. Dutch – AnvarIT
  14. English
  15. Estonian
  16. Faeroese
  17. Farsi
  18. Finnish – Jari-Pekka Seppänen
  19. French – Vincent COIFFIER
  20. Galician – Francisco Rodríguez
  21. Georgian
  22. German – Klaus ter Fehn (
  23. Greek
  24. Hebrew
  25. Hindi
  26. Hungarian – István Berényi
  27. Icelandic
  28. Indonesian
  29. Italian – Flavio Massei
  30. Japanese
  31. Korean
  32. Latvian
  33. Lithuanian – Egidijus Lukošius (
  34. Macedonian (FYROM)
  35. Malay
  36. Mongolian
  37. Norwegian – Svein Thomas Strand
  38. Polish
  39. Portuguese
  40. Romanian
  41. Russian – Archil Mag
  42. Serbian
  43. Slovak
  44. Slovenian
  45. Spanish – Jonatán Amblar
  46. Swahili
  47. Swedish – Björn Boström
  48. Tatar
  49. Thai
  50. Turkish – Selçuk Ayoglu
  51. Ukrainian – Vadim Dikovsky
  52. Uzbek
  53. Vietnamese
  1. Chinese (Traditional) – 李可人
  2. Chinese (Simplified)
Note: The languages in bold is already taken
Note: If you are existing language supporters, and you are no longer able to support your language for our application, please email in advance, which allow us to look for other replacement.

RSS Readers – Version 1.95

1. New Favorite group shortcuts (Last 24 Hours, All Unread, All Stars, All Podcasts)

2. New Feed Favicon image (customizable, could be turn off by going to Settings -> Display & Presentation -> Display feed image)

3. New Add Feed providers (Catalog, Yahoo News, Kijiji – Canada, Gumtree – UK, Gumtree – Australia, Gumtree – New Zealand)

4. Add multilingual languages support (English, Deutsch, Россию, Magyar, 中文(简体), 中文(繁体)), more to come

5. Remove All Unread and All Stars Option Menu items; they are replaced with Favorite Group items. Future version will bring it back again, and will be customizable.

6. Bug fixes