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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Looking for new and replacement translators

We are looking for people who can quickly turn around and make long term commitment for translation of new feature (strings) coming up in the future. Up on completion, you will receive a Ad-Free Elite version of our application.

We are looking for replacement translators who can pick up the existing translation and support for new strings.

We are looking for new translators for following languages. A lot of users are asking for their support:

Please contact us at


RssDemon – Version 1.113 (Widget is here!)

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1. Add first Widget! more widgets to come. Please let us know if you have suggestions
2. Add feature to keep network alive during feed update (configuable: Settings->Automatic Updates->Keep network alive)
3. Auto detect and remove article content Ads
4. Change default value to false for Settings->Podcast Media->React to headset
5. Fixed headset button not working for other programs when when React to headset enabled
6. Optimize image display
7. Add Arabic Translation to 1.112 – Thanks to JŪṨŦ ṨṀΪŁЄ ㋡
8. Updated Norwegian Translation to 1.109 – Svein Thomas Strand

YouTube RssDemon Guide Video

Below is YouTube RssDemon Guide Video
YouTube RssDemon Guide

RssDemon – Version 1.112

1. Improved feed parsing, fixed issue for some feed show empty content, fixed issue for some feed articles not showing
2. Tweaked feed parsing for better performance
3. Updated Italian Translation to 1.109 – Thanks to Flavio Massei
4. Updated Polish Translation to 1.109 – Thanks to Sebastian Płudowski
5. Updated Swedish Translation to 1.109 – Thanks to Björn Boström