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RssDemon – Version 2.1.1

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01. Fix feed list Flat View, context menu always select one item above intented item
02. Set MinHeight on Single View to make Ad hidden when open, it will only appear when user scroll to bottom
03. Change Open article in setting for existing user who upgrade from “2.004 or prior” to “2.1 or later” to keep their Inline View setting.


RssDemon 2.1 – Open article in: Inline View and Single View

RssDemon 2.1 supports both open article in: Inline View and Single View by going to “Settings->Display & Presentation->Open article in”.

Inline View:

Single View:

RssDemon 2.1 – Gesture Support

RssDemon currently supports three gestures in Article List View and two gestures in Single Article View
To enable gesture: Settings->Display & Presentation->Enable Gesture (Enabled by Default)

Article List View:
1. Toggle article read – swipe on article from “left to right” or “right to left”

2. Delete article – swipe on article horizontally : “left to right then right to left” or “right to left then left to right”

2. Mark all articles read – swipe on screen like following

Article Single View:
1. Navigate left or right: swipe on article from “left to right” or “right to left”

RssDemon – Version 2.1

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01. BRAND NEW Article Single View, It is new way of opening article in a seperate dedicated single article view, user can navigate single article at a time by gesture (swipe left or right), or by toolbar at the bottom of screen
02. Add new Settings->Display & Presentation->Open article in, there are two setting choices (Inline View and Single View) at this moment. Inline View is existing way of opening article within article list. Single view is new way of opening article in a seperate dedicated single article view
03. Add new Settings->Message Store->Keep unread items (this setting is enabled by default, application will keep all downloaded but unread articles or podcasts)
04. Add additional 15 mins Update interval in Settings (Requested by user)
05. Regroup and rearrange items in Setting->Display & Presentation
06. Add new Article List View option menu->Open article in, user have two choices (Inline View and Single View).
07. Add new Settings->Display & Presentation->Show gesture stroke (Hide by default).
08. Change default always enable gesture (user will no longer see gesture stroke path unless enable “Show gesture stroke” setting)
09. Add new “Mark read to bottom” context menu
10. Add new “Delete all read” option menu
11. Allow user to set global scope “Sort Article By” (Settings->Display & Presentation->Sort Article By)
12. Allow user to set global scope “Open Article In” (Settings->Display & Presentation->Open Article In)
13. Add setting (Settings->Automatic Updates->No data when roaming), with this checked, application will disable automatic/manual update when in roaming (default is disabled)
14. Replace setting (Settings->Notifications->Sound Alert) with (Settings->Notifications->Select ringtone), user can custom select notification ringtone (default is silent)
15. Fixed HTTP-AUTH not working with Podcast download.
16. Fixed issue for some mobile network provider filter traffic base on HTTP User-Agent request header, we change existing constant HTTP Web User Agent to auto detect system default HTTP Web User Agent, and use it as default value
17. Add new (Settings->Advanced->HTTP Web User Agent) to allow user to change user-agent string
18. Add X button to Small Media Control, to make hiding Media Control easier
19. Enable gesture for existing users and new install, since gesture become very useable feature in application
20. Auto stop podcast playback when incoming call is answered
21. Further improve Feed Ad detection, result in reduce in number of ad image get downloaded
22. Updated Russian Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to Михаил Овсянкин
23. Updated Arabic Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to Haytham alnaeeb
24. Updated Chinese Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to 李可人
25. Updated French Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to Vincent COIFFIER
26. Updated Polish Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to Sebastian Płudowski
27. Updated Swedish Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to Björn Boström
28. Updated Czech Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to Lukáš Starý
29. Updated Italian Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to Flavio Massei
30. Updated Bahasa Indonesian Translation to 2.1 – Thanks to marwan irnaka

Renew call for new RssDemon translators

RssDemon 2.1 is about to be released to Android Market. We are looking for people who can translate new feature strings, quickly turn around and make long term commitment in the future. Up on completion, you will receive a Ad-Free Elite version of our application.

We are looking for replacement translators who can pick up the existing translation and support for new strings.

We are looking for new translators for following languages. A lot of users are asking for their support:

Please contact us at

RssDemon – Version 2.004

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1. Fix and improve individual message limit setting (you can now set to Use global setting)
2. Increase message limit choices with addition settings: 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000
3. Fixed wifi-only setting is not always work issue (Thanks to Aapo Saaristo)
4. Fix feed parsing issue with (Thanks to Mason who reported this issue)
5. Change default skip image dimention from 40px to 30px
6. Minor improvement on feed parsing performance
7. Fixed time zone issue introduced since version 2.003

RssDemon – Version 2.003

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1. Fix time zone issue, most of the feed (new article after this update) should now display correct date time (existing already downloaded article will still show wrong date/time)
2. Add new feature to control individual feed message limit on top of existing global setting. user can go to feed properties and set the message limit to overwrite global value (See screenshot below)
3. Improve image display to prevent show duplicate images
4. Fix image display issue prevent from showing jpg images correctly
5. Updated Russian Translation to latest – Thanks to Михаил Овсянкин

RssDemon – Version 2.002

1. Add App2Sdcard option, your now can move application to sdcard by going to “Manage applications”
2. Update Arabic Translation – Thanks to Haytham alnaeeb