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Monthly Archives: November 2011

RssDemon V3 News Reader 3.0.4 Released

Latest RssDemon V3.0.4 Beta, This release bring back a lot of features were in V2 but not in last version of V3. Also we spent a lot of time tweaking performance, memory usage and UI. You should see a lot faster feed sync and nicer/cleaner/smoother UI. Please send us your recommendation and feedback.

Download Here:
– Android: HIGHLIGHT – Huge improvement over feed sync speed to at least 4 times faster
– Android: New Google Reader Integration in Manage Source, user allow to import feeds from Google Reader
– Android: New OPML import in Manage Source, user allow to import feeds from OPML in local or online
– Android: Manual clear Cache: Add display message to show number of files and MBs cache files are cleard
– Android: New Article Font Size configuration. Go to Article View, Under Option Menu->Font Size. User can choose from (Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)
– Android: Fixed Volume Key Navigation configuration not working properly
– Android: Load article content asynchronously to smooth flip between articles
– Android: Improved image handling and further reduce out of memory error
– Android: Improved feed parsing to improve refresh performance
– Android: Fixed … show as plain text in article
– Android: Fixed some images are not downloaded or displayed due to certain type of url format
– Android: Tweak and improved overall application performance to handle large # of feeds and articles (tested againest 100 feeds with over 3000 articles)
– Android: Manual/Auto Clean Up old read/unread articles
– Android: New Color theme customization for text colors
– Android: New date time format customization under Settings->Display & Presentation
– Android: New Group feeds settings under Settings->Display & Presentation
– Android: New Manage Group dialog to allow user Add/Update/Delete groups
– Android: Add option menu item to Delete All Read articles
– Android: Add new feed context menus: “Open Website”, “Delete Feed”, “Properties”
– Android: Add new article option menus: “Mobilize”, “Copy Link”, “Translate”
– Android: Add many new settings options. Too many to list one by one
– Android: Fixed keyboard doesn’t popup for webview (Thanks to Alin-Andrei)
– Android: Add Korean language support (Thanks to 정성환)
– Android: Add Russian language support (Thanks to Бобылев Борис)
– Android: Updated Magyar (Hungarian) language support (Thanks to Ádám Gelencsér)
– Android: Add ภาษาไทย (Thai) language support (Thanks to Chajang)
– Android: Updated Català (Catalan) language support (Thanks to Sergi Ràdio)
– Android: Updated العربية (Arabic) language support (Thanks to Haytham alnaeeb and Hisham AlMajed)
– Android: Add Svenska (Swedish) language support (Thanks to Johan Idstam)
– Android: Updated 中文(简体) (Chinese Simplified) language support (Thanks to 李可人)
– Android: Updated български (Bulgarian) language support (Thanks to Pavlin Grucov)
– Android: Updated Français (French) language support (Thanks to Michel Tamarin and Vincent COIFFIER)
– Android: Updated Čeština (Czech) language support (Thanks to Lukáš Starý and Daniel Kasal)