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Monthly Archives: November 2010

RSS Readers – Version 1.107

1. Add new feature to allow user change feed encoding (long press feed to open context menu->Properties->Encoding)
2. Add new feature to allow user change date time format (option menu->Settings->Display & Presentation->Date Time Format)
3. Add new feature to allow Wifi only for Prefetch (option menu->Settings->Automatic Update->Wi-Fi only for prefetch)
4. Add new Polish mutilingual support – Big thanks to Sebastian Płudowski
5. Add new Bahasa Indonesian mutilingual support – Big thanks to marwan irnaka
6. Add new Portuguese mutilingual support – Big thanks to Luiz Antonio Madeira Junior
7. Add new Czech mutilingual support – Big thanks to Lukáš Starý
8. Improve network offline detection

RSS Readers – Version 1.106

1. Add new Ukrainian mutiligual support – Big thanks to Vadim Dikovskiy
2. Add new French mutilingual support – Big thanks to Vincent COIFFIER
3. Fix bug: Change update interval doesn’t always take effect

RSS Readers – Version 1.105

1. Add new Swedish mutiligual support
2. Add new Norwegian mutiligual support

RSS Readers – Version 1.104

1. Add Google News has new drop down to select number of news items you like to have (from 10-100)
2. Add new Dutch mutiligual support

RSS Readers – Version 1.103

1. Add new Turkish mutiligual support
2. Add/Udate new Italian mutilingual support
3. Update Español (Spanish) strings

RSS Readers – Version 1.102

1. Add new Español (Spanish) multilingual support
2. Add new Basque multilingual support
3. Add new Galego multilingual support

Attention to all Meecal RSS Readers users.

At this moment, Meecal has few RSS Readers (Atom – RSS News Reader, Feed – RSS News Reader, Google News Reader, News, RSS Atom News Reader, RSS News Reader, RSS Reader and RssDemon – RSS News Reader) on Android Market. They are the same reader with different presets. It caused some confusion for users. Moving forward, we would like to use RSSDemon as our only application name. For rest of non-Elite readers (Free Version), they will be gradually unpublished from Android Market. Schedule of each unpublish will be released at a later date.

For existing users who are using Meecal RSS Readers other than RSSDemon, we would recommend you to download and install RSSDemon from Android Market (search by keyword: RssDemon).

We committed to continue support our Elite users for any future upgrade. Elite version of all existing readers will not be unpublished.

Thank you for your continue support. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

RSS Readers – Version 1.101

Fix bug: some feeds are not working since v1.98 (eg: