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RssDemon: Asking for your help to suggest localized feeds

Upcoming RssDemon 3.1.10 will support preload localized feeds base on Android system locale. Let’s say Android System is in German, RssDemon will preload feeds for German instead of English. We would like to ask for your help to suggest list of feeds we should preload for your language. Please make sure the suggested feeds are popular in your language. Please response by replying to this post.

Following is example of English Feeds:

Title Group URL
Dilbert Daily Strip Comic
Simply Recipes Health
Google News News
TWiT – This WEEK in TECH Podcast
This American Life Podcast
Engadget Tech
AddictiveTips Tech
The Sartorialist Fashion
the Guardian News
FitSugar Health
Design Milk Design
PopSugar Entertainment

RssDemon V3 Guide: Overview

This Youtube video show overview new features of RssDemon V3

YouTube Link:

RssDemon V3 Guide: How to Expand/Collapse Group?

RssDemon V3 introduce new feature to allow user click on group item to open all articles for feeds belong to a group. This same action for V2 was to Expand/Collapse a group. Due to this reason, a lot of users thought V3 no longer support Expand/Collapse a group. To Expand/Collapse a group in V3, all you have to do is touch the Arrow Icon on the LEFT of group.

RssDemon V3.1.9 Released

This release contains two major bug fixes for Android 1.6 and 4.x (ICS).

Download from:

– Android: Fixed Android 1.6 crash issue
– Android: Fixed Android 4.x (ICS) crash issue (Thanks to Todd Stewart)

Renew call for new RssDemon translators

We are looking for new translators for following languages, If you could help, please email us at

We give out one Elite license to thank anyone who help us translate.

1. Want to be a language translator, make long term commitment, quick response to new translation requests

2. Have enough professionalism, maturity, and talent to translate application into your local language.

Available Languages:
Shqip (Albanian)
Հայերէն (Armenian)
Euskara (Basque)
Беларуская мова (Belarusian)
Hrvatski (Croatian)
Nederlands (Dutch)
Eesti keel (Estonian)
Suomi (Finnish)
Føroyskt (Faroese)
עברית (Hebrew)
हिन्दी (Hindi)
Íslenska (Icelandic)
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
Latviešu valoda (Latvian)
Lietuvių kalba (Lithuanian)
Bahasa melayu (Malay)
Malti (Maltese)
मराठी (Marathi)
Norsk (Norwegian)
Limba română (Romanian)
Cрпски (Serbian)
Slovenščina (Slovenian)
Slovenčina (Slovak)
Kiswahili (Swahili)
தமிழ் (Tamil)
татарча (Tatar)
Türkçe (Turkish)
tiếng việt (Vietnamese)
Galego (Galician)
বাংলা (Bengali)
Македонски (Macedonian)

RssDemon v3.1.8 Podcast Fast Forward/Backward using Gesture

Starting v3.1.8, RssDemon support gesture fast forward/backward to precise skip length of podcast. Please use following guide:

1. Touch on EMPTY space left or right of media control bar
2. Swipe left to right (fast forward) or Swipe right to left (fast backward)

RssDemon: Asking for your Help!

RssDemon V3 has been released for 5 days, we have received both positive and negative reviews. Our team is working non-stop solving bugs reported. At this moment, most of high severity issues are resolved. We would like to sincerely ask for your help to continue improve this product.

1. When you discover bug(s) or like to request a feature, please contact us using this blog, or email us directly at We are fine you post them on Android Market as review, but please make sure you also contact us by above methods, this is only way we could get back to you and make sure we understand your request, and when needed we need to ask you for more details.

2. We are looking for new language translators, if you really like RssDemon, could make long term commitment. Please checkout list of available languages. We also give out elite version to thank anyone who help us translate RssDemon.

3. If you like RssDemon, please leave comment and rate RssDemon on Android Market.

Thank you all for continue support RssDemon!

RssDemon v3.1.8 Released

This release brings back some missing features from V2. Improvements made around podcast playback. Check out gesture fast forward/backward guide in the other post. Please send us your feedback and rate RssDemon on Android Market.

Change log:
– Android: Updated Español (Spanish) language support (Thanks to Fernando García Iglesias)
– Android: Updated Deutsch (German) language support (Thanks to FATlui)
– Android: Fixed article view sometimes jump to first index when user try to cancel swipe
– Android: New Feature: Allow user fast seek forward/backward by using gesture in playlist control (Please check out Guide http://…)
– Android: Improvement: Playlist scrollbar seek right now instant update the time to allow precise scroll
– Android: Added: 1 min and 2 mins update interval
– Android: Fixed podcast Pause headset disconnect not working for bluetooth
– Android: Added: User Defined Feed sort order (After enable sort by User Defined for Feed, option menu Organize Feed will be visible, user can sort feed by drag and drop)
– Android: Added: Widget configration, when create widget, user can choose which feed to associate with widget (More configurations will be coming in future releases)
– Android: Added: Delete option for Swipe Left/Right
– Android: Improved: when user press back button from Podcast view in playlist, it will go back to playlist instead of exit out of playlist
– Android: Change: When user add podcast to playlist, it no longer auto mark podcast for download, user has to manually mark it for download from playlist by context menu.
– Android: Fixed podcast Pause headset disconnect not working
– Android: Added: New configuration Settings->Display & Presentation->Confirm Bulk Actions. User can turn off confirm message when perform bulk delete/read actions.
– Android: Change: Put starred article always at the top for any article sort order
– Android: Added: New Settins->Display & Presentation->Clear search history (It removes all the search suggestions)
– Android: Added: New featuer playlist option menu->Repeat (Off, Podcast, Playlist)
– Android: Added: New featuer playlist option menu->Shuffle (Off, On)
– Android: Added: New featuer playlist option menu->Sleep Timer
– Android: Added: New customization Settings->Article Updates->Article download provider, user can choose Instapaper Mobilizer (Default) or Google Mobilizer
– Android: Added: New translate article option menu option. User can translate article into any language through Google translate
– Android: Added: Undelete all to option menu
– Android: Added: New Feedback option menu, it opens email to allow user to send feedbacks and suggestions
– Android: Fixed: Unable to playback video podcast
– Android: Fixed: Prevent application from being killed by system during feed sync
– Android: Change: Keep queued podcast in playlist, prevent them from auto clean up during feed update
– Android: Added: New Redownload Podcast context menu option for Playlist and Article List
– Android: Updated 中文(简体) (Chinese Simplified) language support (Thanks to 李可人)
– Android: Updated 中文(繁体) (Chinese Traditional) language support
– Android: Updated ελληνικά (Greek) language support (Thanks to Da Priest)
– Android: Updated 한국어 (Korean) language support (Thanks to 정성환)
– Android: Updated Magyar (Hungarian) language support (Thanks to Ádám Gelencsér)
– Android: Updated Русский (Russian) language support (Thanks to Бобылев Борис)
– Android: Updated Dansk (Danish) language support (Thanks to Nikolaj Hansen)
– Android: Updated Polski (Polish) language support (Thanks to Maciej Sikora)
– Android: Add 日本語 (Japanese) language support (Thanks to S. Kawasaki)
– Android: Updated Català (Catalan) language support (Thanks to Sergi Ràdio)
– Android: Updated Français (French) language support (Thanks to keither600)
– Android: Updated Deutsch (German) language support (Thanks to Manfred Gsell)

RssDemon V3.1.7 Released

– Android: Backward port new features into Android 1.6, by selectively disable features aren’t supported by Android 1.6 (Add Feed By Google Reader Will not work, Stop Podcast playback when audio lose focus will not work)
– Android: Fixed start crash issue on Android 2.1 (NOTE: Stop Podcast playback when audio lose focus will not work since Android 2.1 doesn’t support the function we are using to archieve this feature)
– Android: Fixed Theme->Color Picker crash in landscape view
– Android: Fixed podcast React to Headset not working
– Android: Fixed podcast Pause headset disconnect not working
– Android: Fixed podcast Pause power removal not working
– Android: Fixed View Comments causing crash on some devices
– Android: New Feature – Allow add feeds by user click on feed url links on third party applications (like gmail)
– Android: Fixed crash when fast prev/next podcast
– Android: Add Mobilize Instapaper toolbar button (configurable and display by default)
– Android: Add Mobilize Google toolbar button (configurable and hidden by default)
– Android: Fixed list article grid view text overlay is align at the top of grid instead of at the bottom for Android 1.6-2.1

RssDemon V3.1.6 Released

– Android: Fixed Podcast can’t playback
– Android: Fixed manual Update feed request by user should ingore “Exlude from auto update” flag in feed property