Software for Mobile Platform

RssDemon – Version 2.1.4

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01. Make Thumbnail Navigator Visible/Not Visible/Size configurable (Settings->Display & Presentation->Display thumbnail navigator) You can now hide, or make thumbnail navigator small, medium, large in size
02. Make Thumbnail Navigator Auto Hide configurable (Settings->Display & Presentation->Auto hide thumbnail navigator), if auto hide is enabled, when user scroll article down, it will auto hide thumbnail navigator to give article more space, when scroll touch the bottom, it will auto display thumbnail navigator
03. Make Toolbar Visible/Not Visible configurable (Settings->Display & Presentation->Display toolbar)
04. Make Toolbar list of buttons configurable (Settings->Display & Presentation->Display toolbar icons). User can choose from list of 10 buttons (Previous Article, Star, Open Article, Mobilize Article, Delete, Share Link, Mark Download, Facebook Twiter, Next Article)
05. Fixed partial downloaded podcast, prevent any further download attempt for same podcast
06. Reduce gesture sensitivity to prevent it from interfere with regular user touch/scroll event
07. Improve Single View performance, switching from article to article is faster compare to already fast page load
08. Updated Arabic Translation to 2.1.4 – Thanks to Haytham alnaeeb
09. Updated Chinese Translation to 2.1.4 – Thanks to 李可人
10. Updated French Translation to 2.1.4 – Thanks to Vincent COIFFIER


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