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RssDemon Rebranding Service

RssDemon Rebranding License

By rebranding the RssDemon what you are really getting is the most robust RSS reader application just for your website.

Currently rebranding is available for Android mobile platform

License Price: $499USD

This price includes a life-time license of the application that you can host it in your own Google Market or any other application hosting platforms as long as you want. You have choice to list it as Free (with or without Ad) or Paid application. If you would like to have both Free with Ad and Paid without Ad, you will need to purchase two licenses. A single license allow you to predefine maximum 10 feeds the application will connect to. These predefined feeds will be available to users as soon as application is installed. This license includes all RssDemon features at the time of purchase except end-user will not allow to add their own feeds (Add Feed dialog and menu option will not be available).

On-going Support

Stay up-to-date with latest and greatest of RssDemon feature… and no additional licensing fee is charged.

You can request your app to be updated any-time you want, we can help you to merge our latest base-code of RssDemon to your application and we charge $35/hour for professional service. For a typical update it takes only 2 hours to handle. For application with customization it may take another 1-2 hours depends on the update frequency.

Ready to get started? Step-by-step to have your RSS Reader

1. You email us at to get started. All questions will be answered by email privately within 48 hours.
2. A email invoice will be sent to your email address as soon as you have decided to go forward.
3. You will pay by Paypal (we’ve received Business Verified from PayPal)
4. You will email to advise us the payment is made
5. We will response with a list of materials required to get started such as the icon specification etc
6. You will provide us the necessary materials
7. As soon as all the required materials are received, it will take up to 10 business days to prepare the app for you
8. You will receive a test version of the app with details instruction of how to install it into your Android phone
9. As soon as you are satisfied with the result, we will send you the final App Store / Market version of the application so you can publish them any time you want it to.


One response to “RssDemon Rebranding Service

  1. Jim Weaver December 29, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Does the meecal RSS reader support an Intent so that other Android apps can open a given RSS feed? Please send a response to the email address supplied.

    Jim Weaver

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