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Follow up #1: Attention to all Meecal RSS Readers users

This is follow up to previous post: Attention to all Meecal RSS Readers users

We are working on new feature to help make migration of all existing non-RssDemon users to RssDemon as easy as possible. It is planned to be released in upcoming version 1.109.

We have updated product description for all non-RssDemon Readers on Android Market to give new user direction to search and download RssDemon.

For existing non-RssDemon users, you can choose to switch to RssDemon manually, or wait for 1.109 to be released.

We are planning to unpublish following Readers a week after up coming 1.109 release
Atom – RSS News Reader
Feed – RSS News Reader
Google News Reader
News Reader
News Reader – Green
News Reader – Pink
RSS Atom News Reader

Thank you for your continue support. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Note: We are committed to continue support our Elite users for any future upgrade. As long as there are active user, Elite version of all existing readers will not be unpublished.


One response to “Follow up #1: Attention to all Meecal RSS Readers users

  1. Nick December 22, 2010 at 9:00 am

    I have been using your RSS Reader and have found it to be perfect for my needs so I thought it only fair to upgrade to a paid version and have duly downloaded RssDemon Elite but was unable to find a simple way of transfering my feed list from one to t’other. Lots of time spent trying, back ups no good….etc… good feelings about your app evaporating along the way…pity really…..

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