Software for Mobile Platform

RSS Readers – Version 1.96

1. Favorite Display Configurable (Settings -> Display & Presentation -> Display Favorite) You can now choose to show Favorite as part of Feed List or Option Menu or Both or Neither
2. Add new Lithuanian multilingual support
3. Add new Finnish multilingual support
4. Add “Show Read”/”Hide Read” in My Feed option menu, also change “Show Read”/”Hide Read” article view to remember user’s choice. In Category mode, when Hide Read, it
will hide feed also group with all read feed.
5. Remove Settings->Display & Presentation->”Auto hide read articles” and “Auto hide group with no feed” since it is become duplicate with #4
6. Add “Expand All” and “Collapse All” in My Feed option menu
7. Fix bug: Favorite Group get lost after restore older version of backup
8. Fix bug: Language get reset to English after exit from Setting without user change to Language
9. Fix bug: Manual non-wifi update is not working when “Wi-Fi only” is enabled
10. Few other minor improvements

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